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Discovering the school on facebook would lead you to some nice pictures shared by the school. The school conducts lots of outings for students, the latest one was to Pune airport for Jr. KG students. The homework concepts of the school is also very interesting, the activities given to the students involvement of parents as well which ensures the entire family is well connected to the school through the assignment. The bus facility provided by the school is not very great, the coordination and update system of the school does not have mass alert system. Teachers of the school are well qualified and the teacher student ratio is 12:1 which is very healthy. In terms of choice to parents they have ample number of schools from north to south pune, starting from wagholi to deep south in keshavnagar. Overall it has a strong parents teachers association, the facebook group of the school has close to 1440 members which in itself speaks a lot about the association.

Our daughter joined Aman Setu School last year in June. We chose this school for its alternative approach to education, and also since we did not want a conventional school for our child. However, we had to pull her out mid-session in October this year, as the school failed to deliver what it had promised. Right from the sub-standard quality of the teachers, maids being promoted as assistant teachers, high attrition of teachers. To the filthy wash-rooms, no water in the wash-rooms for most of the times. The principal had told us that there would a maximum of 20 kids in a class. Since this is an eco-friendly and green school. The classrooms are made of mud, with no fans and lights inside. When school started this June, there were 30 students in my daughter's class, all cramped in a small room without any fan or light. Transport was another issue. The school has made transport mandatory, without adhering to the rules and regulations. The school charges not only double of what other schools in Wagholi are charging for a similar distance, they are also not following all the rules. Till October, when my daughter was there, in many instances they used white private buses with curtains, which is a clear violation of the transport act with regards to school. Also, most of the buses did not have the school's name printed on the side. There used to be only a computer-generated print-out kept on the windscreen, displaying the school name. The buses did not have any speed governors either. Also, we got to know of a case of an RTE student, who was sent the transport challan of 2400 INR a quarter. Thinking that he had got it by mistake, he went to the school. He was told to pay it for one quarter, and was told that the school will look at it in the next quarter. When this issue was brought up in the PTA meeting, the school management present in the meeting said that, these people will not appreciate if they get everything for free. The parent of this RTE student also consulted with another RTE student's parent in the same bus route, and wanted to opt for a private pick-up and drop for both their kids. However, the other parent told him, from the discussions that he had with the school he got the distinct impression that if they left the school bus, their kids might be alienated by the school. And, out of this fear they continued with the school transport. Aman Setu being an inclusive school, is preaching and practicing something different. All important issues are sidelined or management gives the response that we will look into it. Owing to these and other issues, we decided to withdraw our child mid-session, and Oct 17 was her last working day, and the school was informed accordingly of the withdrawal. However, till now, we have not received the deposit of 40k that we had paid at the time of admission. The accountant said that due to 'accounting rules' the school will return the deposit at the end of the academic year. On calling up the school again today, and speaking with another person in the accounting team, he said that the management has decided from now on to refund the deposit at the end of the academic year. My question is: How can the school keep the deposit even after all the dues have been cleared and the child has been withdrawn. This is a security deposit we pay to the school. Once the child is withdrawn, why isn't the school returning it and enjoying interest on our hard-earned money at no cost to itself.

We heard that the Principal herself is taking her kids out of this school and putting them in some other school.Why should we put our kids on this school then? Also we had a background check and it seems all her work experience is fake and made up since Graduation.Are such people running the school? Seems there is no real leadership here and people just misusing power to take disadvantage of poor people.The school is worse than a Municipality school with no toilet facilities and my kids are at a threat.The security comprises of only 1 guard and they are just looting us for admission fees and we do not know where the money is going.Even after paying fees we are given a notice that we haven't paid fees.Good work done by the Principal! Apt choice for the school.Sitting at one place and not moving, suits people right.My kids are fed same food day by day and no breakfast.

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